Oliver Blume

Stuttgart, Germany
Research manager

Research Interests


Oliver was born in Hamburg, Germany and studied Physics at University of Hamburg with a focus on solid state and semicondustor physics. He gained his PhD on integrated-optical amplifiers from Technische University of Hamburg-Harburg in the department for semiconductor technology and microsystems. Since 1997 he has been working on optical and radio communications in Nokia Bell Labs (and its predecessors). In 2013 became department head for Energy Efficient Small Cells. 2016 the department topic shifted towards vertical applications in IIoT and V2X, with a focus on standardisation in 3GPP SA and RAN 2/3.
At the end of 2021 Oliver turned to a new challenge ouside Nokia.


Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter 1991 – 1996
PhD (Dr.-Ing.) in Thin Film Technology and Integrated Optics

Universität Hamburg
Physics  1984 – 1991

Professional activities

Oliver has been working in research for telecommunications for more than 20 years, lately specialising in 3GPP mobile networks. He has been contributing to and driving several national and European cooperation projects like GreenTouch, EARTH, Ambient Networks, Scalenet, WIGWAM and CoOp.

Oliver has engaged in numerous TPCs of conferences and workshops, e.g. for Globecom, VTC-Spring, MONAMI, ISWCS.

Selected articles and publications

Oliver has published more than 70 peer reviewed paper and articles, one RFC and 3 tutorials.
For the complete list see the ResearchGate profile.

"On the importance of Communication-Aware Platoon Control Design in Cellular V2X", S. Hedge, D. Plöger, R. Shrivastava, O. Blume A. Timm-Giel. IEEE VT Magazine, Sept 2021.

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