Milind Madhav Buddhikot

Murray Hill, NJ, USA


In my research career spanning 22+ years, I have made significant contributions, scientifically as well as to the business aspects of wireless, IP and multimedia networking. I have established a distinguished track record showcasing (1) ability to identify critical, impactful research topics ahead of their time, (2) ingenuity and insights to find innovative solutions, (3) skills to build teams and find needed resources, and (4) focus, hard work and perseverance to take ideas from concepts to novel prototype solutions that can lead to technology transfer.  

My areas of expertise include wireless networks, large scale networked systems, video communications, network security and mobile and cloud computing. My recent work is in the area of high capacity wireless networks, in particular small cells that exploit shared spectrum via dynamic spectrum access (DSA) technologies. My past work has been in areas of all-wireless mesh networks, mobile routers, 802.11/3G integration gateways, video streaming and caching servers, edge routers and security protocols. I have authored 45+ technical papers and hold 15 US or international patents. According to Google Scholar, my research publications have recorded 4400+ citations and are well recognized within the community.  More importantly, my research has correctly predicted new technology directions well ahead in time. For example, two concepts I pioneered and researched, namely the concept of database coordinated dynamic spectrum access (2004) and ultra-broadband small cells using shared spectrum (2009) have now emerged as promising new technology and spectrum policy directions.

I have been co-founder and chief architect of two wireless technology ventures and have successfully transitioned assets created in my research projects to business divisions. For my contributions to Bell Labs and Alcatel-Lucent, I have received Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (2012) award, Lucent Chairman Award (2006) and Bell Labs President's Innovation Award (2003). I am also a co-founder of a premier IEEE conference (IEEE DySPAN) and have served on editorial boards of IEEE/ACM Journal of Networking and Elsevier's Computer Networks Journal. I have served on numerous US National Science Foundation (NSF) panels and secured 1.2+ million dollars in research funding. I have frequently delivered invited presentations and tutorials on future technology directions to audiences in top-tier research forums and trade shows and to business customers world-wide.


D.Sc. in Computer Science (1998)
Department of Computer Science, Washington University in St. Louis

M.Tech. in Communication Engineering (1988)
Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.), Bombay (Mumbai), India

Professional activities

Selected articles and publications

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