Mike Zierdt


25 years experience in RF Components, Receiver & Transmitter Architectures, and Radio System Engineering. Have worked on both sides of the Telecom industry, designing Mobiles as well as Base Station Infrastructure and also both sides of R&D, working 10 years in Development and 15 years in Research.

Key skills include: Designing, Simulating, Board Layout, Assembling, Testing and Debugging RF circuits and systems to meet stringent specifications.

Experienced in designing Filters, Amplifiers, Mixers, Splitters, Couplers, Matching Networks, Antennas as well as end to end System Spread Sheets & Link Budgets


M.S.E.E. Polytechnic University (NYU Poly) 1994
B.S.E.E. Polytechnic University (NYU Poly) 1988

Selected articles and publications

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  • Compensation of Frequency-Dependent Gain/Phase Imbalance in Predistortion Linearization Systems : IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Vol 55, Issues 1 : 2008



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