Michael Jarschel

Munich, Germany

Research Interests


Michael Jarschel is working as a research engineer in the area of Network Softwarization at Nokia Bell Labs in Munich, Germany. He finished his Ph.D. thesis, titled “An Assessment of Applications and Performance Analysis of Software Defined Networking'', at the University of Würzburg in 2014. His main research interests are in the applicability of software and cloud concepts to next generation mobile networks.


2009 - 2014
Bayerische Julius-Maximilians Universität Würzburg (University of Würzburg)
Informatik (Computer Science), Dr. rer. nat. (PhD)

2004 - 2009
Bayerische Julius-Maximilians Universität Würzburg (University of Würzburg)
Technische Informatik (Technical Computer Science), Diplom Informatiker (M. Sc. in computer science)

Selected articles and publications

Michael has published more than 30 peer reviewed papers and articles. For a complete list see his Google Scholar  profile.

Modeling and performance evaluation of an OpenFlow architecture
M Jarschel, S Oechsner, D Schlosser, R Pries, S Goll, P Tran-Gia
Proceedings of the 23rd International Teletraffic Congress, 1-7

An Evaluation of QoE in Cloud Gaming Based on Subjective Tests
M Jarschel, D Schlosser, S Scheuring, T Hoßfeld
Innovative Mobile and Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing (IMIS), 2011

Interfaces, attributes, and use cases: A compass for SDN
M Jarschel, T Zinner, T Hoßfeld, P Tran-Gia, W Kellerer
Communications Magazine, IEEE 52 (6), 210-217

Pareto-optimal resilient controller placement in SDN-based core networks
D Hock, M Hartmann, S Gebert,M Jarschel, T Zinner, P Tran-Gia
Teletraffic Congress (ITC), 2013 25th International, 1-9

Sdn-based application-aware networking on the example of youtube video streaming
M Jarschel, F Wamser, T Hohn, T Zinner, P Tran-Gia
2013 Second European Workshop on Software Defined Networks, 87-92

A flexible OpenFlow-controller benchmark
M Jarschel, F Lehrieder, Z Magyari, R Pries
2012 European Workshop on Software Defined Networking, 48-53


SDN-Enabled Energy-Efficient Network Management
M Jarschel, T Hoßfeld, F Davoli, R Bolla, R Bruschi, A Carrega
Green Communications: Principles, Concepts and Practice, 323-338