Matteo Varvello

Networking Researcher


Matteo Varvello is a networking researcher at Nokia Bell Labs since July 2020. In the past, I had the chance to conduct research at many top-tier research labs: Technicolor, Telefonica, and AT&T. At each place, I worked on new areas which contributed to my broad expertise and research interests: peer-to-peer, content-centric networking, software-defined networking, video and virtual reality, packet processing, web and mobile experience. At core, I am a system researcher who likes to build innovative systems and protocols with a global reach. This motivated me to explore, in the last few years, the startup world. In 2017 I have launched TAPPAS, my own venture which enables testing of mobile applications with thousands of worldwide testers. In 2019 I have joined Brave, the privacy-preserving web browser, where I have built innovative browser features to improve customer experience. While still a researcher at hearth, the startup world has deeply impacted my profile thanks to a direct exposure to both VCs and product/team management. I am now working at Bell Labs with the goal to help bridge the gap between research and development. 

Selected articles and publications