Martin Havemann

Stuttgart, Germany


Masters Electrical Engineering, Technische Hochschule Karlsruhe, Germany
Bachelor Electrical Engineering, Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany


Professional activities

Container-based Cloud-Computing - Evaluation and application of container and orchestration systems for carrier-grade, next-generation communication platforms

Virtualized Radio Access Network - Evaluation of lightweight virtualization technologies and cluster orchestration to support LTE eNodeBs on standard hardware.

Service Router - Design and implementation of a carrier grade, multi- chassis, ATCA based router with configurable network functions in the forwarding path.

Soft Router - Design and evaluation of a centralized router control and remote forwarding elements.

Scalable Base Station Controller (BSC) - Analysis of the UMTS BSC overload behaviour in hot spot scenarios.

Wireless Access Router - Introduction and evaluation of IP communication between a CDMA2000 basestation and Radio Network Controller (RNC) using packet aggregation and network processors.

Sonet to Ethernet Switch- Design and implementation of a Sonet OC48 to Ethernet Metro Switch.

T1/T3 Router Linecard - Implementation and bringup of a 12 port T1/T3 router linecard.