Manuel Stein

Stuttgart, Germany


Manuel Stein was born in Hadamar, Germany, in 1983. He received the Dipl.-Inf. (BA) degree in computer science from the University of Cooperative Education in Stuttgart in 2005. He is currently a researcher at the Bell Labs research department of Alcatel-Lucent Germany. After completing his studies, he conducted research on distributed service delivery platforms for IP Multimedia Subsystem (3GPP IMS) evolution. In 2008, he shifted focus on network virtualization and application of semantic web technologies for network resource management in distributed cloud infrastructures. Since 2012, he has joined activities of the advanced networking research collaboration for CloudBand in Bell Labs.

Professional activities

  • 3GPP IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) call mobility
  • ETSI RACS (Resource and Admission Control Sub-System)
  • Heterogenous Access Management
  • SIP, H.248, Diameter interfaces
MUSE II (Multi-Service Access Everywhere - http://www.ist-muse.org/)
  • IMS call mobility and multi-device communication
  • Distributed SIP session state machines
IRMOS(Interactive Real-time Multimedia on SOIs - http://irmosproject.eu/)
  • Network Virtualization and flow control
  • Cloud SLAs, networking KPIs, latency <-> QoE
  • Network management automation
Cloud Automation(Bell Labs project / Activity 8: Cloud Execution Environments)
  • Soft-RT temporal isolation with KVM
  • vNIC virtualization, zero-copy packet processing
CloudBand collaboration (Bell Labs project)
  • Network monitoring and abstraction (ALTO)
  • Network real-time analysis

Selected articles and publications