Makram Bouzid

Paris-Saclay, France
Data Analytics Researcher


Makram Bouzid is a Data Analytics Researcher within the Machine Learning & Systems department of the Artificial Intelligence Research (AIR) Lab, at Nokia Bell Labs, based in Paris-Saclay, France. He received a Ph.D. in computer sciences from Henri Poincaré — Nancy 1 University, France. He previously obtained an engineering diploma in the same field from the National School for Computer Studies (ENSI), Tunisia. His research activities are in the areas of artificial intelligence and the application of AI technologies for the development of distributed and intelligent applications. Dr. Bouzid has worked on agent and multi-agent design and simulations, as well as on agent-based services (generic services, service composition, and service aggregation). He also worked on personalization (machine learning, reasoning, user profiling, recommendation systems) and on privacy-preserving personalization technologies. Another part of his research concerned using Reinforcement Learning (RL) and Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning (MARL) for Resource Management of Cloud-based applications. His current activities are focused on Root Cause Analysis (RCA) in complex networked systems, like modern telco networks combining 5G, IoT and Cloud.


Université Henri Poincaré (Nancy I)
PhD, Computer sciences (2001)
PhD Thesis entitled: “A Contribution to the modelling of Agent/Environment interaction: stochastic modelling and parallel simulation”.

Université Henri Poincaré (Nancy I)
Master of Sciences, Fundamental Computer Sciences (1997)

ENSI - Ecole Nationale des Sciences de l'Informatique de Tunis /National School for Computer Studies
Engineering Diploma, Computer sciences (1996)

Selected articles and publications

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