Lutz Ewe

Stuttgart, Germany


Lutz Ewe is a research engineer in End-To-End Mobile Networks Research at Nokia Bell Labs, Stuttgart, Germany. After pursuing his diploma degree in 1995, he joined the Fraunhofer Institute of Microelectronic Circuits and Systems in Duisburg, Germany. He worked on the development of implantable micro systems for a functional electro-stimulation of retinal nerve cells which became the subject of his dissertation. In 2001 he joined the research center of Alcatel SEL in Stuttgart, Germany. He was engaged in the development of lithographically structured sub-mounts for components of optical and electrical high-speed communications. Since 2003 he is with the department of wireless research – now part of Bell Labs – and is engaged in research on different aspects of future radio technologies. His research focus comprises (but is not limited to) methods of Self-Organizing-Networks (SON) for self-optimization and self-configuration of Radio Access Networks (RANs), methods for localization of mobile terminals in RANs, radio resource selection strategies for 5G networks, and system level simulations of RANs.


University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. 
Doctoral degree in electrical engineering (Dr.-Ing.), 2000.
Research area: biomedical micro system technology.
Dissertation: "Entwicklung und Charakterisierung CMOS-kompatibler dreidimensionaler Mikro-Stimulationselektroden-Arrays". Available online at: https://duepublico.uni-duisburg-essen.de/servlets/DerivateServlet/Derivate-5135/index.html (abstract in English).

University of Giessen, Germany. Diploma degree in Physics (Dipl.-Phys.), 1995.
Research area: scanning probe microscopy (applied physics).
Thesis: “Entwicklung und Test eines Rasterkraftmikroskops mit optischer Ausleseeinheit zum Einsatz für lokale Magnetfeldanalysen”.

Selected articles and publications

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(Active patents and published patent applications)

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