Luc Vermoesen

Antwerp, Belgium


Luc Vermoesen is a research scientist with the Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs Bearer Plane Virtualization Technology Dept, Antwerp, Belgium.
He received his master’s degree in industrial sciences from KIH DeNayer, Sint-katelijne Waver, Belgium. As a workstudent he joined the masters program in Applied Computer Science at University of Brussels (VUB), Belgium.
For several years, he was involved in the architecture and design of various Alcatel-Lucent Mobile, DSL and IP products, prior to joining the Research and Innovation Dept.
His main long-standing research interests are in computer sofware engineering, embedded software, novel cloud, virtualization, overall system performance  and multimedia distribution techniques.


Engineer Electro-Mechanics with minor in control theory, katholieke industriele hogeschool de nayer

Selected articles and publications

- "The need for reconciling cloud with real-time media applications and specialized hardware", BLTJ, 2014.
- "Service Oriented Networking", EUCNC.
- "On the Economical Benefit of Service Orchestration and Routing for Distributed Cloud Infrastructures: Quantifying the Value of Automation", White paper