Lóránt Farkas

Budapest, Hungary
Head of department

Research Interests


Lóránt Farkas received his MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from Politehnica University of Timișoara and MBA degree from Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He joined Nokia in 2003 in Budapest and has worked mainly in researcher positions in various research areas throughout this period. He currently leads the Semantic Reasoning and Understanding group. Current research interests span the area of spatial computing and quantum algorithms.


MSc from the Universitatea 'Politehnica' in Timișoara, 1996

MBA from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, 2005

Selected articles and publications


A practical approach to quantum circuit design for singlet state preparation, I Finta, L Farkas - Future of Information and Communication Conference, 2022

Data augmentation by guided deep interpolation, G Szlobodnyik, L Farkas - Applied Soft Computing, 2021

Provisioning input and output data rates in data processing frameworks, NH Do, T Van Do, L Farkas, C Rotter - Journal of Grid Computing, 2020

Input pattern classification based on the Markov property of the IMBT with related equations and contingency tables, I Finta, S Szénási, L Farkas - Entropy, 2020

Distributed audio recorder using smart phones and proximity connections, G Hományi, L Farkas, K Aczél - Computer Standards & Interfaces, 2011

ProxyTorrent: content sharing over Bluetooth piconets, B Bakos, L Farkas, A Kiss, P Spányi - Communication Systems and Networks, 2006

Social uses of digital imagery with a focus on smart phones applicability, L Farkas, J Blom, S Uusitalo - CHI 2006, 2006

Indoor wave propagation prediction based on cavity approach, Z Sandor, L Farkas, L Nagy, VTC 1999-Fall

Parameter estimation method used for adaptive control of electrical arc in melting furnaces, L. Dávid, V. Szentgyörgyi, L. Farkas, Bul. St. Universitatii Petru Maior din Tg-Mures, 1996

A software-intensive method for connecting I2C bus to personal computers, V. Tiponut, L. Farkas, Bul. St. al Universitatii "Politehnica" Timisoara, Tom. 40 (54), Fascicola 2, 1995


US Patent 8,832,138, System and method for social network search operations

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