Larry O'Gorman

Murray Hill, NJ, USA


Larry O'Gorman is a Bell Labs Fellow at Bell Labs Research in Murray Hill, NJ. He works in the areas of video analysis and multimedia signal processing. Previously he was Chief Scientist at Veridicom, a biometric company, spun off from Lucent, and before that a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs. He has also taught in the area of multimedia security at Cooper Union and NYU/Poly.
    He has published over 70 technical papers, 8 book chapters, holds 20 patents, and is co-author of the books, "Practical Algorithms for Image Analysis" published by Cambridge University Press, and "Document Image Processing" published by IEEE Press. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and of the International Association for Pattern Recognition. In 1996, he won the Best Industrial Paper Award at the International Conference for Pattern Recognition and an R&D 100 Award for one of "the top 100 innovative technologies of that year." He has been on the editorial boards of 4 journals, and has served on US government committees to NIST, NSF, NIJ, and NAE, and to France's INRIA.


University of Ottawa, B.A.Sc., EE
University of Washington, M.S., EE
Carnegie Mellon University, Ph.D. EE

Professional activities

  • Past member of Editorial Boards, including IEEE Transactions on Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence; and Pattern Recognition.
  • Past Guest Editor of special issues: “Biometrics: Progress and Directions,” IEEE Trans. Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence, Apr. 2007; “Image- and Video-Based Biometrics”, IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Feb. 2004; “Auto ID Technology: From Barcodes to Biometrics", IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, Vol. 6, No. 1, Mar. 1999; “Document Image Analysis Systems”, IEEE Computer, Vol. 25, No. 7, July 1992; “Document Image Analysis Techniques”, Machine Vision and Applications, Vol. 5, No. 3, Summer 1992.


Selected articles and publications

  • L. O’Gorman, D.Livescu, G.Yang, "Creating a Unified, Wide-Area Activity Map for Multi-Camera Networks", Int. Conf. Pattern Recognition, 2014.
  • L. O’Gorman, Y. Yin, T.K. Ho, “Motion feature filtering for event detection in crowded scenes”, Pattern Recognition Letters, 2013.
  • Y. J. Ren, L. O’Gorman, L. J. Wu, F. Chang, T. Wood, J. R. Zhang, “Authenticating lossy surveillance video”, IEEE Trans. Information Forensics and Security, Nov. 2013.
  • L. O’Gorman, “Comparing Passwords, Tokens, and Biometrics for User Authentication,” Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 91, No. 12, Dec. 2003, pp. 2019-2040.


  • Practical Algorithms for Image Analysis: Description, Examples, and Code, by Lawrence O’Gorman, Michael Sammon, and Michael Seul, Cambridge University Press, 2nd ed. 2008.
  • Document Image Analysis, by Lawrence O’Gorman and R. Kasturi, IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos, CA, 1994.
  • “Fingerprint Verification,” in Biometrics: Personal Identification in Networked Society, L. O’Gorman, edited by Anil Jain, Ruud Bolle, Sharath Pankanti, Kluwer Press, The Netherlands, Nov. 1998, pp. 43-64.
  • “Digital Watermarking” in Encyclopedia of Information Technology, H. Berghel, L. O’Gorman, edited by Williams, J. and K. Sochats, Marcel Dekker, 1997.
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