josephus Van Sas

Antwerp, Belgium


Jos van Sas was a Ph.D researcher in the VLSI System Design and Methodologies division of the Inter-University Micro-Electronics Center (Imec) Heverlee, Belgium from September 1987 until 1991.  In November1991 he joined Alcatel as a VLSI test engineer working in various areas including narrowband voice switching, broadband ATM and mobile communications. Jos van Sas has been active in several regional and international research projects in the fields of VLSI testing and telecom system design. In 1997, he moved to the Broadband Networks Division as competence manager HW dependent SW design for the broadband access and IP routing domains. At the end of 2002, he joined the Research & Innovation department, which is currently Nokia Bell Labs, the innovation engine for Nokia. He is currently Director External Affairs. Jos van Sas’ responsibilities include the management and the coordination of R&D projects towards regional, federal and international public authorities. He is also responsible for the cooperation and partnerships with local universities and research institutes. For Nokia Bell Labs Belgium, he coordinates also the internships and guest lectures at universities. During the past 14 years, he has been playing a very active role in the regional, national and European policy making on science, technology and innovation. He has been, and still is board member of organisations in those fields and is a member of several organisations fostering science and innovation.