Johannes Koppenborg

Stuttgart, Germany


JOHANNES KOPPENBORG is a team leader in Bell Labs’ Wireless Research program in Stuttgart, Germany. He joined Alcatel SEL Research after receiving his diploma degree in physics from the University of Bochum in 1985. He contributed to the development of new technologies for optical single mode fibers, optical waveguides and dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) components, and was responsible for the characterization of optical components. He joined the Radio Research Department in Stuttgart in 2002 as team leader for integration and characterization of new 3G radio systems. He has worked on smart antenna systems, High Speed Packet Access (HSPA), LTE, LTE-Advanced and 3D beamforming. He is currently responsible for the wireless systems lab and field trial team with special emphasis on new air interfaces for 5G. He has authored or co-authored more than 20 papers in journals and international conferences. He is member of the German Physical Society and the Alcatel Lucent Technical Academy.



University of Bochum, Bochum

Diploma degree in physics in 1985 on optical measurement methods for plasmas

Selected articles and publications

1.      J. Koppenborg, T. Wild, F. Schaich, R. Moedinger, “First 5G Waveform Prototype for flexible Network Usage”, Bell Labs Open Day Stuttgart Nov 2013

 2.      H. Halbauer, S. Saur, J. Koppenborg, C. Hoek,: “3D Beamforming: “Performance Improvement for Cellular Networks”, Bell Labs Technical Journal, Sept 2013

 3.      J. Koppenborg, C. Hoek, T. Wild, G. Herzog, “Joint Transmission in Smart Wireless Metro Deployments”,  WSA 2013, Stuttgart

 4.      H. Halbauer, J. Koppenborg et al.; “'Field Trial Evaluation of 3D Beamforming in a Multicell Scenario”, H. WSA 2013, Stuttgart

 5.      N. Gresset, H. Halbauer, J. Koppenborg, W. Zirwas, H. Khanfir; “Interference Avoidance Techniques for Improving Ubiquitous User Experience”,, in IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine Issue December 2012 (Best paper award FNMS 2012)

 6.      H. Halbauer, S. Saur, J. Koppenborg, C. Hoek ; “Interference Avoidance with Dynamic Vertical Beamsteering in Real Deployments”  , WCNC 2012 Paris

 7.      J. Koppenborg, C. Hoek, H. Halbauer, S. Saur; “3D Beamforming Trials with an Active Antenna Array”, IEEE WSA 2012, Dresden



1.      J. Koppenborg; Co-Author of Chapter 13.1 of the book  “Coordinated Multi-Pont in Mobile Communications”, Edited by Patrick Marsch , Gerhard Fettweis, Cambride University Press June 2011