Johann Daigremont

Paris-Saclay, France
Principal Engineer

Research Interests


Johann is a passionate research engineer with over 20 years of experience in creating cutting-edge communication and information solutions that improve citizen's daily life.

He likes working with multi-disciplinary teams and in mixed industrial and academic contexts. He has a proven track record in innovation management (collaborative projects leader, research department director, thesis supervisor), IPR creation (patents, publications, many transfers to business divisions) and research valorisation strategies (open innovation challenge, internal venture). His preferred areas of research are information retrieval, data mining, graph theory and software computing.

In his spare time, Johann likes to play sports (climbing, diving and skiing) and to do DIY (innovation at home).


2009 - ESSEC Business School Paris - Alcatel-Lucent “High-Po” program (Promotion 13)

1998 - Master II of Sciences (hon.), University of Franche-Comté - Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Parallelism

1997 - Master of Sciences (hon.), University of Caen - Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Imagery, and Networks.

Professional activities

20+ years experienced researcher passionated by creating new communications and information services that improve citizen's life.

Specialties: Innovation Management, Computer Sciences, AI/ML/Deep Learning, NLP, Mobile and IP technologies, Project Management.

Selected articles and publications







  • Julien Robinson, Myriam Ribière, Mathias Baglioni, Eric Lecolinet, Johann Daigremont: Servers, display devices, scrolling methods and methods of generating heatmaps. Alcatel-Lucent Jun 20, 2013: US 20130155118 A1

  • Gerard Delegue, Johann Daigremont: Method and apparatus for optimizing the personalized delivery of multiple media by maximizing the value of the pool of contents, 2013: EP2860933A1

  • Johann Daigremont, Claire Bazin: Method for localizing a mobile terminal in an area under radio coverage of a cellular communication network and of a localization point, corresponding mobile terminal, server and localization point. Alcatel November 13, 2007: US07295846

  • Patrick Legrand, Johann Daigremont: Enhancement of signalling in a “Push to Talk” type communication session by insertion of a visiting card. Alcatel Lucent January 11, 2011: US07869821

  • Maria Laura Maag, Johann Daigremont: Application server allowing the distribution of a call intended for a terminal connected to a gateway to all terminals connected to this gateway. Alcatel Lucent October 8, 2009: US20090252158-A1

  • Johann Daigremont, Patrick Merheb: A method of providing a link to an area-specific service to a mobile terminal, Alcatel-Lucent Jun 15, 2005: EP 1542479 A1

Honors & Awards

  • 2021: Nokia Empowered Award (be a model for how Bell Labs impacts business, assisting Services with various kinds of NLP analysis)
  • 2021: MN Services Business Excellence Recognition Award (contribution in turning a vision into ‘real’ AI assets)
  • 2020: Nokia Challenge Award (for the ‘excellent work in 2020 GS-Delivery Leap project’)
  • 2020: Nokia Business of Excellence Award (launch of Insights360 Market Monitor)