Johann Daigremont

Paris-Saclay, France


  • 2009 - ESSEC Business School Paris - Alcatel-Lucent “High-Po” program (Promotion 13)
  • 1998 - Master II of Sciences (hon.), University of Franche-Comté - Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Parallelism
  • 1997 - Master of Sciences (hon.), University of Caen - Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Imagery, and Networks.

Professional activities

10+ years experienced researcher passionated by creating new communications and information services that improve citizen's life.

Specialties: Innovation Management, Mobile and IP technologies, End to End Communication Solutions, Computer Sciences, Data mining, Graph theory, Machine Learning, Human Resources Management, Project Management.

Selected articles and publications


  • Julien Robinson, Myriam Ribière, Mathias Baglioni, Eric Lecolinet, Johann Daigremont: Servers, display devices, scrolling methods and methods of generating heatmaps. Alcatel-Lucent Jun 20, 2013: US 20130155118 A1

  • Gerard Delegue, Johann Daigremont: Method and apparatus for optimizing the personalized delivery of multiple media by maximizing the value of the pool of contents, 2013

  • Johann Daigremont, Claire Bazin: Method for localizing a mobile terminal in an area under radio coverage of a cellular communication network and of a localization point, corresponding mobile terminal, server and localization point. Alcatel November 13, 2007: US07295846

  • Patrick Legrand, Johann Daigremont: Enhancement of signalling in a “Push to Talk” type communication session by insertion of a visiting card. Alcatel Lucent January 11, 2011: US07869821

  • Maria Laura Maag, Johann Daigremont: Application server allowing the distribution of a call intended for a terminal connected to a gateway to all terminals connected to this gateway. Alcatel Lucent October 8, 2009: US20090252158-A1

  • Johann Daigremont, Patrick Merheb: A method of providing a link to an area-specific service to a mobile terminal, Alcatel-Lucent Jun 15, 2005: EP 1542479 A1