Joe Galaro


After spending 10 years with Lockheed Electronics working on DSP, ASIC, and Hardware design for aircraft, satellite, and shipboard systems, Joe joined Bell Labs in 1990.  In his tenure at the labs he has been working on many different technologies to provide higher bandwidth data transmission.  These technologies have included: Dial-up modems, ISDN, Cable modem CMTS, DSL, HD IBOC Radio, and XGPON.  He provides significant hardware design experience (circuit design, FPGA, and ASIC) as well as system architecture insights.


BS Electrical Engineering - Rutgers University - Piscataway, NJ 1980;
MS Electrical Engineering - Rutgers University - Piscataway, NJ 1984


Selected articles and publications

"Low Cost TWDM by Wavelength-Set Division Multiplexing",Wolfgang Pohlmann, Bernhard Deppisch, Thomas Pfeiffer, Carlo Ferrare, Mark Earnshaw, Alex Duque, Robert L. Farah, Joe Galaro, James Kotch, Man Fai Lau, Doutje T. van Veen, and Peter Vetter, Bell Labs Technical Journal, Volume 18, Number 3, December 2013.


"System Demonstration of a Time and Wavelength-Set Division Multiplexing PON," Doutje van Veen, Wolfgang Pohlmann,Joe Galaro,Bernhard Oeppisch,Alex Duque,Man Fai Lau, Bob Farah, Thomas Pfeiffer, Peter Vetter, in Proceedings ECOC 2013,September 2013, London,UK,paper: We.3.F.2.



"Demonstration of a Symmetrical 10/10 Gbit/s XG-PON2 System",Dora van Veen, Dusan Suvakovic,Man Fai Lau,Heinz Krimmel, Adriaan J. de Lind van Wijngaarden,Joe Galaro,Jacques Dungee,Bob Farah,Steve Corteselli, Bill Weeber, Roy Tebbe, Dave Eckard, Joe Smith,John Bouchard,Jim Kotch, and Peter Vetter in conference proceedings of OFC2011









US8588852 "Method and apparatus for controlling a phased deployment of a base station using an operational state of a vehicle", Galaro; Joseph L., Klein; Thierry E., Lertola; John F., Miller; Raymond B.

provisional 813695 "Optical Network Terminal (ONT) Wavelength Tuning and Corresponding Calibration Procedure"