Iraj Saniee

Murray Hill, NJ, USA
Group Leader

Research Interests


Iraj Saniee is Head of the Mathematics & Algorithms Research Group at Nokia Bell Labs, in Murray Hill, NJ. The Group consists of multiple departments focusing on Communication, Systems, Networks and Machine Learning in Murray Hill (USA), Cambridge (United Kingdom), and Paris-Saclay (France). 

Iraj's research interests span a spectrum of topics in applied mathematics, modeling & analysis and optimization of communication networks and systems with focus on the structure and architecture of networks, scalable algorithms for network problems, application to design tools and control mechanisms for emerging systems and more recently foundations and applications of machine learning to communication systems and services.

Prior to Bell Labs and until 1998, he was a research director in the Information Sciences Lab at Bellcore in Morristown, New Jersey.

In addition to his research in support of Nokia products and services, in the past decade Iraj has been the recipient of DARPA, AFOSR and NIST contracts and grants on such topics as control mechanisms for MANETs, large-scale geometry of networks and inference from large graphs. His current focus is on deep learning, large graph analytics and distributed self-organizing network control.


Featured Quote

I work in Algorithms, driven by mathematics and sound foundations, and motivated by problems that arise in communication systems and services.  This is diffferent from finding a quick recipe for an instance of a problem using a good guess.  The former aims for broad generalizability and the latter for immediate utility.  Both approaches have had spectacular successes in the past 70 years since programable computing machines came into being.  The simplex algorithm and the Metropolis algorithm are examples of the former and rule-based systems are examples of the latter.  The two approaches are different and represent essentially different views of the world. 

I also (try to) follow John Tukey's dictum: An approximate answer to the right question (which is often vague) is far better than an exact answer to the wrong question (which can always be made precise).


Ph. D. degree in operations research and control theory,  University of Cambridge
M. A. (Hon.) degree in mathematics,  University of Cambridge
B. A. (Hon.) degree in mathematics,  University of Cambridge

Professional activities

Serves on program committees of numerous ACM, IEEE and INFORMS conferences and workshops including NeurIPS, ICML, WebConf, KDD, WSDM, and Infocom

Has served as reviewer for NSF, NSF of Ireland, AFOSR, INRIA and other research granting agencies

Member/past member of IFIP WG 7.3IEEE, and INFORMS 

Former member of the American Mathematical SocietySociety for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Past Chair of the Telecommunication Section of INFORMS

Formerly on the Editorial Boards of Operations Research and IEEE Transactions on Information Theory.

Selected articles and publications


Truncated Lottery Ticket for Deep Pruning 
Iraj Saniee, L. Zhang, B. Magneta
Proceedings of ICIP, Bordeaux, Oct 2022.

An analytical solution to the multicommodity network fow problem with weighted random routing 
O. Narayan, Iraj Saniee
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Efficient Deep Approximation of GMMs
S. Jalali, C. Nuzman, Iraj Saniee
Proceedings of 33rd NeurIPS Conference, December 2019 (see also the summary poster)

Towards clustering high-dimensional Gaussian Mixture clouds in linear running time 
D. Kushnir, S. Jalali, Iraj Saniee
Proceedings of 21 AI-Stats Conference, PMLR 89: 1379-1387, 2019.

Digital innovation networks at the nexus of new productivity growth (extension of 2017 paper with inclusion of India and China)
S. Kamat, S. Prakash, Iraj Saniee, M. Weldon.  

Efficient Deep Learning of GMMs
S. Jalali, C. Nuzman, Iraj Saniee
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Fast approximation algorithms for p-centres in large δ-hyperbolic graphs 
K. Edwards, S. Kennedy, Iraj Saniee
Algorithmica, Vol 80, Issue 12, pp 3889-3907,  Dec 2018, https://doi.org/10.1007/s00453-018-0425-6

Will productivity growth return in the new digital era?
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Quantifying the benefits of infrastructure sharing 
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Bootstrap percolation on random geometric graphs
M. Bradonjic, Iraj Saniee
Extended abstract: Proc. of SIAM Analytic Algos and Combi.Conf, New Orleans, Jan. 2013
Full article: Prob. in Engin. and Inform. Sciences, Cambridge University Press, 2014.

Large-scale curvature of networks
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Scaling of load in communication networks
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Decentralized control and optimization of networks with QoS-constrained services
Iraj Saniee
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Special Issue on Future Wireless Communications, p 99-119,
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