Ingrid Van de Voorde 2020.jpeg

Ingrid Van de Voorde

Antwerp, Belgium
Director Nokia Bell Labs Belgium


Ingrid Van de Voorde received a master degree in electrical engineering from the Free University of Brussels (Belgium) in 1990.  That same year, she joined the Alcatel Corporate Research Center in Antwerp (Belgium). From 2003, she led the research activities related to fixed access. With an international team, she transferred several innovations towards the business group. In 2008, she joined Bell Labs in the new merged company Alcatel-Lucent, to lead the BL Research Domain Fixed Access & Multimedia, which comprised next to fixed access, home networking, and multi-media technology.

Since 2014, she took up the role of Location Leader of Bell Labs Antwerp, fostering internal and external collaborations and representing ALU at the board of the 5G Infrastructure Association. Since the merger with Nokia in 2016, Ingrid continues to lead the Nokia Bell Labs Location Belgium and acts as a coordinator of the Nokia Bell Labs location leaders worldwide.