Gordana Pavlović

Murray Hill, NJ, USA


After receiving her Ph.D degree Gordana joined AT&T Bell Labs Microelectronics group (later part of Lucent Techologies and Agere Systems). While with BL microelectronics she worked on still image and video coding algorithms and firmware for video telephony, physical layer algs. for 56kvoice-band modems, DSL and 802.11. In 2005 she joined Broadcom Mobile Platform Solutions Unit where she worked on SoC-based mobile phone technology with emphasis on DSP (modem) firmware and software architecture. In 2014 she joined Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs Fixed Access group. Her focus is on parallel algorithms and hardware accelerators for the next generation high speed copper access.


Ph.D. in EE, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, "Identification and Restoration of Noisy Blurred Images Based on the Overall Model of the Image Formation Process" M.S. in EE, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, Signal Processing and Communications Dipl. Ing. In EE, University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, "A Model of the Low Frequency Nonlinear Amplifier for AM Signal Transmission".