Ghasem Nobari

Dublin, Ireland

Research Interests


For the past 10 years, Ghasem Nobari has focused his research and projects on AI, Machine Learning and Automated Systems. He received his PhD in computer science from the National University of Singapore in 2014. As a lead data scientist and project manager, he has many years of professional research and engineering experiences in projects related to distributed systems, big data mining, crawlers, smart knowledge aggregation, unsupervised learning, recommender systems, and the related topics. At Bell Labs, he works with Alessandra Sala investigating how to combine different networks and user generated data. With this contextual information, it is possible to understand how people interact, what they need, and how to better provide them the right information at any time. This research makes it possible to enable the next generation of connected services.


PhD, Computer Science (Research Scholarship), National University of Singapore 2010-2014

Selected articles and publications

Hierarchical Deep Learning Model for indoor navigation. (GTC 2015, NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference 2015, Singapore)

User Intent Identification from Online Discussions using a Joint Aspect-Action Topic Model. (AAAI-2014, The 28 AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Canada Québec City)

Privacy and Anonymization as a Service: PASS. (DASFAA 2010, International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications, JAPAN) 


Automated Cloud based Prospecting System – Patent, IPOS 2015 (10201508522Q)
Automated System for Employee Size Estimation – Patent, IPOS 2015 (10201508761Q)
Topic model for generating a list of prospects – Patent, IPOS 2015 (10201509292Y)
Automatic System to transform websites into Sales Intelligence – Patent, IPOS 2015 (10201509304U)
Automatic and Time Sensitive Prospect Notification System – Patent, IPOS 2015 (10201509302Q)
Rule-based system for matching company records - Patent, IPOS 2015 (10201508471S)
Identify sales opportunities from existing customer’s data - Patent, IPOS 2015 (10201508764P)
Real time keywords-based company targeting list builder - Patent, IPOS 2015 (10201509296T)
Finding new prospects in large company database - Patent, IPOS 2015 (10201509364V)
A system of assigning industry codes to company – Patent, IPOS 2015 (10201509366W)
Grading of ranked list with Fibonacci sequence – Patent, IPOS 2015 (10201509369U)