Gabor Hannak

Budapest, Hungary
Research Engineer, 5G Automation & Standardization

Research Interests


Gabor Hannak received his PhD (with distinction) in Electrical Engineering with major in Telecommunications in 2017 from the Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria. His research topics included

  • Bayesian and discrete compressed sensing,
  • graph signal processing and distributed convex optimization.

He joined Nokia Bell Labs in 2019 as a 5G Research Engineer in Csaba Vulkán's System Automation team. His main activities are

  • O-RAN standardization, use cases delegate and mMIMO work item rapporteur,
  • intent-based networking research and ZSM standardization back office work,
  • high-performance anomaly detection for high-dimensional, unlabelled data, with extensions to streaming/online mode,
  • inventing and developing interactive tech demos and presentations for the greater public.

Selected articles and publications


9 pending patent applications.

Honors & Awards

2x Top Inventor Award (2021)