Eric Bauer

Murray Hill, NJ, USA

Research Interests


Eric Bauer is a Bell Labs Fellow in the Technology, Strategy & Architecture group of Nokia Bell Labs.Nokia's Applications and Analytics business group where he focuses on efficiency, reliability, availability and qualityof cloud-based services. Mr. Bauer has authored five books on cloud computing and two ETSI NFV specifications.  Before focusing on cloud, he worked on reliability of software, systems, and network-based solutions and wrote three general reliability engineering books. Earlier in his career, Mr. Bauer spent two decades designing and developing embedded firmware, networked operating systems, IP PBXs, internet platforms, and optical transmission systems. He has been awarded twenty-four US patents.


MS in Electrical Engineering, Purdue University
BS in Electrical Engineering, Cornell University

Selected articles and publications



US Patent 4,899,377        Communication terminal telephone directory with dynamic directory tabbing

US Patent 5,388,257        Method and apparatus for operating a computer based file system

US Patent 5,412,808        System for parsing extended file names in an operating system

US Patent 5,550,981        Dynamic binding of network identities to locally-meaningful identities in computer networks

US Patent 5,627,996        Method and apparatus for accessing the same computer file using different file name formats

US Patent 5,745,888        Advanced file server apparatus and method

US Patent 5,819,047        Method for controlling resource usage by network identities

US Patent 6,650,745        Method and apparatus for dynamically exchanging data among participants to a conference call

US Patent 6,711,129        Real-Time Admission Control

US Patent 6,735,193        Method and apparatus for suppression of packets during silence periods in a packet telephony system

US Patent 7,020,263        Method and apparatus for dynamically allocating bandwidth utilization in a packet telephony system

US Patent 7,180,863        Method and apparatus for overload control in multi-branch packet network

US Patent 7,688,757        Method and apparatus for assessing sourced elements

US Patent 7,873,505        Method and apparatus for predicting scheduled system downtime

US Patent 8,774,790        Method and apparatus for improving wireless network reliability

US Patent 8,826,074        Live module diagnostic testing

US Patent 8,856,585        Hardware failure mitigation

US Patent 8,949,655        Preventing extreme coresidency hazards in cloud computing

US Patent 8,977,886        Method and apparatus for rapid disaster recovery preparation in a cloud network

US Patent 9,075,660        Apparatus and method for providing service availability to a user via selection of data centers for the user

US Patent 9,104,487        Reducing response time variance of virtual processors

US Patent 9,130,967        Method and system for network element service recovery

US Patent 9,183,102        Hardware consumption architecture

US Patent 9,286,170        Preventing extreme coresidency hazards in cloud computing