Donny Tytgat

Antwerp, Belgium


Master in Computer Science
Master of Science in Information Engineering Technology

Professional activities

My research interests are situated in the domains of computer vision and computer graphics. Key words: understanding, reconstruction and rendering.

From a conceptual point of view, video has not evolved much in the past century. In general, the established workflow keeps the same format (video frames) from acquisition to display. This workflow lacks the flexibility to adapt to changing capture, network and viewing conditions.

I wish to expose the meaningful variability within video content, and use this knowledge to decouple the way content is acquired from the way it is reproduced. This will result in more flexible, consistent and robust video experiences and could even dramatically change the way video information is consumed.


Active patents as main author: 
  • Method And Arrangement For Identifying Virtual Visual Information In Images.
  • A Method For Determining The Realtive Position Of A First And A Second Imaging Device And Devices Therefore.
  • Inter-view Information Transfer Based on 3D Locality Constraints.
  • Enhanced Video Content Selection- and Switching using a 3-D Cuboid.
  • Method And Arrangement For 3-Dimensional Image Model Adaptation.
  • Method And Arrangement For Image Model Construction.
  • + 2 as co-author.
Pending patents as main author:
  • Method And Device For Determining A Morphable 3D Model.
  • Method And System For Providing A Dynamic Appearance To A Generic, Morphable 3D Model.
  • Method For Coding Video Information.
  • Video Decoding And Encoding System.
  • Encoder/Decoder.
  • Method And Arrangement For Distance Parameter Calculation Between Images.
  • Method And Devices For Determining Visual Attention In Multi-Location Video Conferencing.
  • Method And Devices For Attention Alert Actuation.
  • Consistent Spaces: Merging Reality and the Virtual World.
  • Method And Arrangement For 3D Model Morphing.
  • + 12 as co-author.