Diarmuid O'Connell

Dublin, Ireland

Research Interests


Diarmuid is an electronic engineer in the Thermal Group, helping to deliver integrated energy harvesting and cooling solutions. He is broad experienced in systems integration, ranging from PCB to CMOS platforms and across applications as varied as photonics and MEMS technology.  


B.Tech in Electronics from Waterford Institute of Technology 1994-1998
M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from Waterford Institute of Technology 1999-2001
Ph.D. in Engineering from University College Cork 2003-2007

Selected articles and publications

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D. Weiland, A. Chaehoi, D. O'Connell, M. Begbie, C. Wang and S. Ray “BCB-based wafer-level packaging of integrated CMOS/SOI piezoresistive accelerometer” EMPC2009, Rimin, Italy, June 2009.

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