David Bitauld

Paris-Saclay, France

Research Interests


David is leading the III-V on Silicon hetero-integration team at III-V Lab. Previously, David has been a postdoctoral researcher in EPFL Lausanne and TU Eindhoven, where he developed superconducting single photon detectors. Then, at the Tyndall National Institute in Cork, he worked on the characterization of spectrally engineered mode-locked laser diodes. He Joined Nokia Research Center in Cambridge UK in 2011 to develop the Quantum Key Distribution activity. He initiated and led an Innovate UK-funded project resulting in the world-first demonstration of QKD from a handheld device. He was also involved in designing Privacy-Preserving Computing Systems. In 2016 he joined Bell Labs in Cambridge, applying photonic technologies to enable non-invasive biosensing. He joined III-V Lab in Paris in 2019.


PhD in Optics from Telecom ParisTech / Paris-Sud University

MSc in Physics from INSA Rennes and University of Rennes I

Selected articles and publications

E. Martín-López and D. Bitauld, "Increasing the Range and Precision of Integrated Wavemeters," in Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, OSA Technical Digest (Optical Society of America, 2019), paper AF2K.3.

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D Bitauld, L Menez, I Zaquine, A Maruani, R Frey, "Diffraction of Gaussian beams on intracavity Bragg gratings",JOSA B, 2005


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