Craig Joseph

Murray Hill, NJ, USA
Department Head, Bell Labs Solutions Research


Craig is a department head in Bell Labs Solutions Research (Integrated Solutions and Experiences Lab). His global multi-disciplinary team conducts fundamental and applied research innovation focused on new value chains, business opportunities and ecosystems primarily in the enterprise and industrial domain. This includes sustainability/environmental sensing, wearable technology, applied analytics, software, and  real-time operation and control of wireless network assets for proximity communications in space.

Craig has had a wide-ranging career to date primarily in software systems, applications, sustainability, and user experience research and development.  He started at Bell Communications Research after graduate school and has since established an extensive track record as a senior/executive director, successfully creating and launching innovative products on new technologies including geo-spatial based planning and engineering, network surveillance, remote environmental monitoring, and telecommunication big data/data analytics.  He also has experience in commercializing and running nationally and internationally deployed software products. 

He previously worked at Telcordia Technologies and Ericsson prior to joining Nokia Bell Labs.  Craig is currently leading the Nokia Remote Environmental Sensing sustainability project and is Head of the Embedded and Systems Software Research Lab.