Charles Bahr

Murray Hill, NJ, USA

Research Interests


Digital Initiatives, editorial content, and corporate technical and strategic information hosting through visual experiences, written communications, and a team of highly experienced information professionals.


Ph.D., Physical Chemistry
University of California, Berkeley, CA

Selected articles and publications

An analysis of the technical and economic essentials for providing video over fiber-to-the-premises networks, Doutje T. van Veen, Marcus K. Weldon, Charles C. Bahr and Edward E. Harstead, Bell Labs Technical Journal, Volume 10, Issue 1, pages 181–200, Spring 2005.

Surface effects on carrier dynamics: photoconductivity studies on Si (111), JWP Hsu, CC Bahr, A Vom Felde, SW Downey, GS Higashi, MJ Cardillo, Journal of Applied Physics 71 (10), 4983-4990, 1992.

Carrier excitation by hyperthermal Xe collisions at a Si (111):As surface, JWP Hsu, CC Bahr, A vom Felde, DR Miller, MJ Cardillo, Surface science 276 (1), 200-204, 1992.

NO2 Dissociation and O Penetration at a GaAs (110) surface, CC Bahr, A vom Felde, MJ Cardillo, Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 54, 1075-1084, 1990.

Direct surface structure determination with photoelectron diffraction, JJ Barton, CC Bahr, Z Hussain, SW Robey, JG Tobin, LE Klebanoff, et al., Physical Review Letters 51 (4), 272, 1983.

Surface Structure Determination with ARPEFS, J. J. Barton, S. W. Robey, C. C. Bahr, and D. A. Shirley in The Structure of Surfaces, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1985.


Process for fabricating fluorine-doped sol-gel article
United States 6,223,563 Issued

Method and apparatus for measuring overclad tubes
United States 6,091,500 Issued

Multicasting systems using distributed user authentication
Application US20040210927A1 Published 2004