Bilgehan Erman

Murray Hill, NJ, USA


Bilgehan is a member of the Network Systems and Security Research at Nokia Bell Labs. Bilgehan’s areas of interests include cognitive network control, network control models with embodied intelligence, network transformation at the edge, mesh networks, functional decompositions, and high-dimensional real-time visualization. He holds MS degree in Computer Engineering and BS degree in Electrical Engineering both from METU at Ankara Turkey, and has been an avid MOOC participant. Bilgehan has fifteen granted/applied patents.

Selected articles and publications

  • R. E. Ali, B. Erman, E. Baştuğ and B. Cilli, "Hierarchical Deep Double Q-Routing," ICC 2020 - 2020 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2020, pp. 1-7
  • Rost, Peter; Breitbach, Markus; Roreger, Hendrik; Erman, Bilgehan; Mannweiler, Christian; Miller, Ray; Viering, Ingo; Customized Industrial Networks: Network Slicing Trial at Hamburg Seaport; IEEE Wireless Commun. 25(5): 48-55 (2018)
  • Erman, Bilgehan; Yiu, Simon; Modeling 5G wireless network service reliability prediction with Bayesian network; IEEE  CQR 2016
  • Erman, Bilgehan; Inan, Ali; Nagarajan, Ramesh; Uzunalioglu, Huseyin; Mobile applications discovery: A subscriber‐centric approach Bell Labs Technical Journal 15 4 135-148 2011 Wiley Online Library
  • Erman, Bilgehan; Zhao, Z John; Quantifying QoS benefits in the aggregation network for internet video services; Bell Labs Technical Journal 16 2 63-77 2011 Wiley Online Library
  • De Lind van Wijngaarden, Adriaan J; Erman, Bilgehan; Matthews, Elissa P; Sharp, Ron; Sutter, Edward; Multi‐stream video conferencing over a peer‐to‐peer network; Bell Labs Technical Journal 15 2 229-243 2010 Wiley Online Library


  • Cluster oriented dynamic routing
  • Regenerative telemetry method for resource reduction
  • Universal network protocol encapsulation and methods for transmitting data
  • Configuring network slices
  • Operating on large data sets
  • Transmitting wireless alert messages at sub-cell granularity
  • Packet coloring in wireless communication systems
  • Method and apparatus for recommending applications to mobile users
  • Method and apparatus for classifying mobile network usage patterns
  • Method and apparatus for the efficient transmission of multimedia streams for teleconferencing
  • Method and apparatus for measuring subjective assessment of digital video impairment