Bertrand Marquet

Paris-Saclay, France
Open Innovation Manager

Professional activities

I have initiated and cofounded with Pierre Turkiewicz a special program called Le Garage (look into program). This program aims at developing innovative and startup spirit withiin Alcatel-Lucent.
Ball Labs is powering this program to help all employes to develop entrepreneurship and discover startups sprit and methods. The first implementation is located in Villarceaux, south of Paris, within one of the biggest <r&D of Alcatel-Lucent. This site is called "Innovation city".
I am co-managing the incubation of startup within the "innovation city".
I am part of a jury for funding startup with the Telecom Foundation with 3 parisian incubators.

Selected articles and publications

50 that make innovation in France
Every day, they work to invent, transform, adapt or disseminate the technologies of tomorrow, or facilitate their emergence. Industry & Technology drew a portrait of these key figures who carry the banner of innovation in French. (Article in French)

Bertrand Marquet brought out innovation of the garage
Inventors, entrepreneurs, engineers, active players in the innovation ecosystem: the drafting of Industry & Technology reveals the portrait of 50 personalities to follow. Bertrand Marquet, The co-founder of Le Garage is one of them : (article in French)