Bahare Masood Khorsandi

Munich, Germany
Research Engineer

Research Interests


Bahare is part of the Core Architecture Team of Nokia Strategy and Technology based in Munich Germany. Most recently she is actively involved in internal and external 6G projects. She is a PMT member and work package lead in the European-founded project Hexa-X. She is leading a task in the same project dedicated to designing End-2-End system architecture for the next generation of mobile network. She is also a technical contributor in the architecture research group of the Nokia 6G program. Her main interests are Network Analytics and Network Automation topics to which she is contributing in internal projects. 

Bahare received her Ph.D. degree in Electronics, Telecommunication, and Information Technologies Engineering in 2020.  Her Ph.D. title was "Architectures and Algorithms for Reliable 5G Network Design" where she investigated the fundamental resiliency and survivability issues in 5G Radio Access Network architecture. As part of her Ph.D. studies, she was involved in European projects such as "The Royal Gardens Case" project in which she conducted studies related to Centralized and Distributed approaches for the deployment of resilient C-RAN and X-haul. In the "5G Picture" project, she analyzed problems related to the aggregation of Fronthaul and Backhaul traffic in a hybrid switch (IHON). 


Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Hardware Engineering, Tehran Azad University, Iran

Master of Science (MSc) in Telecommunication Engineering, University of Bologna, Italy

  • Visiting research engineer at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Telecommunication Engineering, University of Bologna, Italy

  • Visiting research engineer at imec - Ghent University, Belgium

Selected articles and publications

  • Masood Khorsandi, Bahare, et al. "Dedicated and shared solutions for reliable function splitting in 5G X-haul.Photonic Network Communications 40.3 (2020): 245-255.
  • Tonini, Federico, Masood Khorsandi, Bahare, et al. "Scalable edge computing deployment for reliable service provisioning in vehicular networks." Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks 8.4 (2019): 51.
  • Masood Khorsandi, Bahare, Federico Tonini, and Carla Raffaelli. "Centralized vs. distributed algorithms for resilient 5G access networks.Photonic Network Communications 37.3 (2019): 376-387.
  • Tonini, Federico, Masood Khorsandi, Bahare, et al. "C-RAN Traffic Aggregation on Latency-Controlled Ethernet Links.Applied Sciences 8.11 (2018): 2279.
  • Masood Khorsandi, Bahare, and Carla Raffaelli. "BBU location algorithms for survivable 5G C-RAN over WDM.Computer Networks 144 (2018): 53-63.
  • Khorsandi, Bahare M., et al. "Distributed Machine Learning Location Algorithm for Reliable C-RAN." Photonic Networks and Devices. Optical Society of America, 2018.


  • UE persistent information storage across RRC state transitions  25/05/2021
  • Method for enabling custom analytics  26/07/2021
  • Mute notification enhancement  01/09/2021