Armen Aghasaryan

Paris-Saclay, France
Group Leader, ML & Systems / AI Research Lab

Research Interests


I hold a PhD in signal processing and telecommunications from INRIA / University of Rennes, France. I joined Alcatel’s research and innovation center in 2000, after two years of post-doctoral study at France Telecom (Orange), where I have focused on practical aspects of my thesis applied to distributed fault diagnosis in telecommunication networks.

During the years of research at Alcatel, Alcatel-Lucent, and Nokia Bell Labs, I have been developing models and algorithms for problems of practical relevance such as autonomous network management, privacy-preserving recommender systems, causal modeling for telco and cloud networks, root cause analysis and predictive maintenance in complex distributed systems.

Currently, I am heading the Machine Learning & Systems group in AI Research Lab. The research group is composed of computer scientists, data engineers, and students that develop AI-based systems and algorithms while gaping the bridge between the promise of limitless capabilities of AI and the constraints imposed by real systems.My current research interests include deriving AI-based solutions with verifiable properties that ensure trust and provide causal interpretation of their outcomes and actions.

Featured Quote


“…Causal questions can never be answered from data alone. They require us to formulate a model of the process that generates the data, or at least some aspects of that process.” 

Judea Pearl, The Book of Why


Today’s AI approaches train the machine to associate patterns with specific meaning. This approach fails when the possibilities to learn are too many, and there is not enough data evidence to generalize over the unobserved possibilities. I believe the true intelligence of machines must be built based on the ability to reason about why we are observing a specific phenomenon and to ask counterfactual questions.


Ph.D. Signal Processing and Telecommunications from the University of Rennes and INRIA/IRISA lab, Rennes, France

        Supervisors: Albert Benveniste and Eric Fabre

        Thesis: HMM formalism for partially stochastic Petri nets: application to fault diagnosis in distributed systems (in French)


M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the American University of Armenia, Armenia

M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Control System Engineering from Yerevan Institute of Polytechnic, Armenia

Selected articles and publications

(full list here)

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