Antonio Massaro

Paris-Saclay, France
Researcher, Data Analytics

Research Interests


Antonio applies techniques from reinforcement learning and machine learning to tackle network optimization and fault prediction problems. His interests entail algorithm design and implementation, mathematical modelling for networking, stochastic optimization, reinforcement learning and machine learning. He's keen on applying mathematical modelization and optimization to concrete problems arising in telecommunicaiton systems, aiming at delivering effective yet implementable solutions.


2019 Ph.D. in informatics and telecommunications, Trento University, Italy

2010 M.S. FInance, Torino University, Italy

2009 M.S. Mathematics, Padova University, Italy

2007 B.S. Mathematics, Padova University, Italy

Selected articles and publications

-A. Massaro, D. Wellington, A. Aghasaryan and R. Seidl, "Reinforcement learning for antennas’ electric tilts optimization in self organizing networks," 2021 IEEE 32nd Annual International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC), 2021
-Massaro, A, De Pellegrini, F, Maggi, L, Optimal Trunk-Reservation by Policy Learning, IEEE INFOCOM 2019
-De Pellegrini, A, Massaro A, Basar, T , The Stackelberg equilibria of the Kelly mechanism, NetGCoop 2018
-De Pellegrini, F., Maggi, L., Massaro, A., Leguay, J., Saucez, D., Altman, E. Blind,Adaptive and Robust Flow Segmentation in Datacenters. IEEE INFOCOM 2018
-De Pellegrini, F., Massaro, A., Goratti, L., El-Azouzi, R. Competitive caching of contents in 5G edge cloud networks. IEEE WiOpt 2017.
-De Pellegrini, F., Massaro, A., Goratti, L., El-Azouzi, R. Bounded Generalized Kelly Mechanism for Multi-Tenant Caching in Mobile Edge Clouds. NetGCoop 2016
-De Pellegrini, F., Massaro, A., Goratti, L., El-Azouzi, R. A pricing scheme for content caching in 5G mobile edge clouds. IEEE WINCOM 2016


Filed for application: "Reinforcement learning for SON parameter optimization" A. Massaro, D. Wellington, A. Aghasaryan, R. Sieldl, 2021

Honors & Awards

Best paper award, NetGCoop 2018