Andreas Wich

Stuttgart, Germany


Andreas Wich studied Electronic Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Stuttgart. Working on optical communication networks at the University and at Alcatel SEL Research & Innovation, he joined Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs in 2006 in mobile communication research. He worked on several topics in multi-radio, software defined and cognitive radio and architectures and design of such systems, and was project lead of several reseach projects in the field. By now, he is part of the new Bell Labs reseach program "Network Energy" - research on energy efficiency in (radio) communication networks.


University of Stuttgart, Diplom (Master level) in Electronic Engineering and Information Technology, Major: Computer Engineering


(Filed Patents, Submission Titles)

  • "Architecture for the realization of a flexible baseband processing"
  • "Remote radio device and baseband processing node"
  • “Small Cell Network Optimization For Rate Restricted P2MP Backhaul”
  • “Hybrid Massive MIMO / Multi-Antenna System”
  • "Vehicular traffic characteristics based radio access network optimization"