Akhil Mathur

Cambridge, UK

Research Interests


I am a Research Scientist in the Pervasive Sensing Department at Bell Labs in Cambridge, where I do research on Mobile Sensing and Embedded Deep Learning. My current focus is on developing techniques to improve the robustness and execution latency of deep learning algorithms on constrained IoT devices. My work has a strong focus on building novel mobile systems powered by deep learning algorithms.

My works has been awarded with two Best Paper Honorable Mention Awards, the mBillionth Award South Asia 2013, and has been covered by several media organizations including the New Yorker, Financial Times, Livemint and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Please visit my website https://akhilmathurs.github.io for up-to-date publication list. 

Selected articles and publications

[P32] Mathur A., Isopoussu A., Kawsar F., Berthouze N., Lane N.D. "Mic2Mic: Using Cycle-Consistent Generative Adversarial Networks to Overcome Microphone Variability in Speech Systems". IPSN 2019, Montreal, Canada.

[P31] Mathur A., Kawsar F., Berthouze N., Lane N.D. "A Vision for Adaptive and Generalizable Audio-Sensing Systems". To Appear in SocialSense @ IPSN 2019.

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Context-Based Local Content Sponsoring Decisions (Pending)

User profiling for location based advertising (Pending)

Context-based Processing of Interaction Events (Pending)

Resource Sharing Between Devices In A Wireless Network (Pending)

Monitoring of Attacks on Bluetooth Beacon Devices (Pending)

Methods and Systems for Multimodal Interaction (Pending)

Privacy Ratings for Applications of Mobile Terminals (Pending)

System And Method For Providing And Controlling Visual Display Useful For Remote Control Of A Variety Of Devices (Pending)

System And Method Of Account Access Notification (Pending)