Abdelkrim Hebbar

Paris-Saclay, France


  • 1992 :  PhD in Computer Science at Paris XI University - Orsay

Thesis Title : “High Level Languages and Microcode - A Study of Techniques for Compiling and Modeling Execution of Microcode”.

Key words : High Level Languages, Interpreted languages​​, Compiled languages, Lisp, Machine Architectures, CISC, RISC, Microcode, Modeling program Implementation.

  •  1985 : Master of Computer Science atLille IUniversity, option : Image Processing

Thesis Title : “The analysis of the creative process of drawing on the graphic palette PICASSO".


Selected articles and publications

  •  “Enhancing Navigation in Virtual Worlds through Social Networks Analysis” at ISMIS 2011
  •   "Services Administration in Safari Project" at UbiMob 2006, OSGI Workshop