Tel Aviv, Israel

An R&D center strategically located at the heart of one of the leading hubs for ICT, Cyber and AI innovation


Location profile

Nokia Bell Labs Israel is co-located with the Nokia Cloud & Network Services business group. Its research focuses on breakthrough technologies for Augmented Intelligence and Security, areas in which Israel is a global technology leader. It encompasses amongst others AI enabled pair programming, Distributed Trust models for the IoT world and security in the Quantum era.

Nokia Bell Labs Israel’s proximity to the Israeli Hi-Tech and Cyber innovation ecosystem poses a unique opportunity to embrace new and exciting technologies, especially around artificial intelligence, machine learning and the refinement of algorithms required in this space. Bell labs researchers in Israel actively collaborate with the academia, e.g. The Open University of Israel, Haifa University and Ben Gurion University. Next, bell Labs collaborates with the Israeli security eco system through TEAM8, to accelerate success and help enterprises digitally transform. Our team represents Israel in the ISO Committee of Cryptography, and holds a key position in the standardization of 5G.


Location leader

Nurit Sprecher

Head of Standardization Management & Virtualization

Partner institutions

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