Murray Hill, New Jersey, US

The global headquarters of Nokia Bell Labs hosts the first end-to-end 5G lab

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Research in Murray Hill is devoted to a wide spectrum of communications areas to build the network of the future, comprising wireless and wired access, smart optical fabric, end-to-end network and service automation, intelligent software systems, industrial automation, algorithms, analytics and augmented intelligence. Murray Hill is also the home to programs in network compliance and financial modeling.

While on campus, explore the Bell Labs Technology Showcase, a window into a remarkable and unmatched legacy of technology advancements. You can find it in the lobby of the main entrance, and it features the first transistor (invented upstairs on the fourth floor) and an original Telstar satellite.

The centerpiece of the Murray Hill campus, the Future X Lab experience, hosted more than 1,700 visitors within its first year of ​operation — including a ​broad range of communication service providers (CSPs), and enterprise and industrial customers.


The Technology Showcase, located in the lobby of the main building lobby on the Murray Hill campus, is open at 600 Mountain Avenue, New Providence, NJ 07974. The showcase is open to the public during weekday business hours.

Jobs at Murray Hill

As the global headquarters, Murray Hill is a multidisciplinary location with diverse teams of researchers, engineers and administrative staff. There are generally open positions at all experience levels, including student interns in the summer. If there are no open positions at this location, check out other available jobs in our global network of labs.

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