Bell Labs Hackathon

Jason Graves, November 24, 2015

On Saturday, January 23rd, 2016 Bell Labs will be hosting a hackathon at our Murray Hill, NJ Headquarters.  We are hosting this event to introduce local developers to a new messaging platform currently in development here at Bell Labs.

We will give each participant access to our Python SDK, which will enable you to create your own Virtual Chat Buddies (VCB) for our new OneApp™ platform.  In addition to the SDK, we will also be providing full instructions and examples on how to use the SDK, and other useful information about the event.

So what is a Virtual Chat Buddy (VCB or Buddy)?  Let’s say you are walking down the street, and you decide to walk into your local café for a drink.  With a VCB that café would be able to engage you as you walk in.  You might get a message welcoming you to the store, along with details about their menu, specials, and even an option to place your order.  And all of this occurs before you walk up to the counter.  This is one use-case for a VCB, but cases could be made for nearly anything that’s connected to the Internet (IoT).  Well, that’s where we see the future of communications heading.  And this is the driving force behind our OneApp™ platform.

As local developers, we want to see how you would use a service like this.  Your VCB “Buddy” could be something simple such as a newsfeed buddy, or something more complex such as an Uber Buddy.  No idea is too big, or too small.  We look forward to see what you come up with.

Now for the fun part, there will be food, prizes, games, and even a few workshops throughout the day!  So bring your friends, and take a day to build something great.

Basic knowledge of core programmming languages (Python, C, Java) and/or Web languages such as JavaScript is reccommended.