R&D Council of NJ honors Bell Labs inventors

November 21, 2016

The Research & Development Council of New Jersey honored Bell Labs CTO, Marcus Weldon and inventors Ilija Hadzic, Dennis R.Morgan, Zulfiquar Sayeed, Alf Neustadt at the 37th Edison Patent Awards Ceremony and Reception on November 3, 2016.

Established in 1962, the Research & Development Council of New Jersey was created to serve as a unified voice for the three R&D sectors: industry, academia and government to work with the state to create an environment in which R&D could thrive. Since then, the council has been dedicated to cultivating an environment supportive of the advancement of research and development in New Jersey. Over 45 inventors and 11 New Jersey companies and universities were recognized at this year’s event.  This year the awards were given across very diverse domains from aerospace to lubricants to pharmaceutical to horticultural, but in essentially all cases it was clear that the innovation came about by:

  • The identification of an unmet human need
  • The intersection of an idea from one group or person, with the practical implementation skills and experience of another
  • The interaction of an expert in one discipline with expert(s) in other(s)
  • The insistence on ultimate success – never giving up when confronting seemingly insurmountable problems, or conventional wisdom about what was, and was not, possible

The R&D Council site includes a summary of the other awards and aswardees.

Dr. Marcus Weldon received the R&D Council’s highest award, the Science & Technology Medal. This medal is awarded to individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of science and technology, while successfully bringing innovation from the laboratory to the marketplace. Dr. Weldon received this award for his vision for Bell Labs and directing the organization’s innovation in the pivotal areas of foundational networking technologies and systems for the cloud networking era, with 10x game-changing research and ‘Future X’ projects.

Marcus Weldon receives 2016 Science & Technology Medal

Nokia Bell Labs and inventors Ilija Hadzic, Dennis R.Morgan, Zulfiquar Sayeed, Alf Neustadt received the patent award in the telecommunications category for “Method, apparatus and system for frequency synchronization between devices communicating over a packet network” (U.S. Patent 8,300,749), a new synchronization algorithm that complements or replaces the use of GPS designed to operate in modern mobile wireless systems where extremely rigorous timing requirements are imposed on base stations and GPS is not always a practical solution.

2016 Edison Patent Award for Telecommunications