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Wilfried Idler

Research Engineer


1972-1979: Professional education and professionalism in consumer electronics at Philips Germany

1979-1981: Stuttgart Highschool

1981-1987: University of Stuttgart, Diploma Degree of Physics



Wilfried Idler received the Diploma degree in Physics from University of Stuttgart in 1987. Between 1987 and 1996 he was at the Alcatel O/E components research division in Stuttgart, engaged in design and characterization of high speed DFB lasers, tunable lasers and wavelength converter structures and supported DFB laser technology transfers to Alcatel Optronics in France. Since 1996 he is with the Optical Networks Division of Alcatel and Alcatel–Lucent Bell Labs in Stuttgart. He was contributing to the world-wide first 40 Gb/s field trials and to various Nx40 Gb/s multi-terabit transmission experiments and the related postdeadline papers at OFC and ECOC. Subsequently he was engaged at the 40 Gb/s and the 100 Gb/s product development of Alcatel-Lucent. His current research interest are higher order modulation formats and modifications to optimize the spectral efficiency and transmission reach of next generation single carrier 400 Gb/s and future few carrier 1Tb/s systems. Following his long standing experience on optical transmission systems, optical components and subsystems he was representing Alcatel-Lucent at ITU-T standardization for a 10 years period. As expert on modulation formats and he was program committee member of OFC and regularly serves as referee for various journals. He published more than 100 journal and conference papers and holds numerous patent applications.


Honors and Awards

Associate Member of Technical Staff received from Alcatel Technical Academy

Selected Articles and Publications

Books and Chapters

- bookchapter "Modulation formats for 100G and beyond" published by Optical Fiber Technology 17(5), 377-386 (2011)

- bookchapter " Higher Order Modulation Formats - Concepts and enabling Devices" published in "Key Devices in Fibre Optics communication, Edition 2, (Springer, Berlin, to be published in 2016)







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8      Higher-Order Modulation Formats - Concepts and Enabling Devices -


Wilfried Idler, Fred Buchali

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