Picture of Wendy Roome

Wendy Roome

Murray Hill, NJ, USA


PhD in EE & CS from Cornell (1974)

Selected Articles and Publications


M.D.P. Leland and W.D. Roome, "The Silicon Database Machine," Database Machines Fourth International Workshop, Springer-Verlag, 1985, pp.169-189
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W.D. Roome, "The Intelligent Store: A Content-Addressable Page Manager", Bell System Technical Journal, Vol 61 No 9, Nov. 1982, pp 2567–2596

DeVito, Emery, Kocan, Roome & Williams, "Functionality and structure of the service broker in advanced service architectures", Bell Labs Technical Journal, Spring 2005

Kocan, Roome & Anupam, "A novel software approach for service brokering in advanced service architectures", Bell Labs Technical Journal, Spring 2006



Books and Chapters

The Concurrent C Programming Language, by N.H. Gehani & W.D. Roome, Silicon Press, 1989


Method of providing access to geographic information in a computer system, US5946687 A, Gehani, Roome & Trapp

Technique for sharing information on world wide web, US 5918009 A, Gehani & Roome

Multi-stage telephone number dialing system and method for providing limited access to a telephone subscriber, US 20050111648 A1, W. D. Roome