Picture of Thomas Rolf Banniza

Thomas Rolf Banniza

Stuttgart, Germany
Research Engineer


Dipl. Ing. (equivalent to MSc) in Communication Engineering from University of Stuttgart


Thomas R. Banniza was born in Braunschweig (Germany). He studied communication engineering at the University of Stuttgart where he graduated as a Dipl. Ing. in 1985. After this, he joined the Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs Research Center in Stuttgart. He started with the design of high-speed CMOS circuits for 150 MBit/s. Then he contributed to the concepts for the first STM broadband switching system and later to the definition of ATM switching systems, in particular to the definition, design and test of the central high-speed CMOS switching circuits. From 1996 on, he worked on the definition of concepts for future broadband access networks exploiting alternative access technologies (e.g. cable networks, short range radio, WiMAX). This included also the design and specification of demo systems. From 2008 on, his work was focused on contributions to the definition of novel interconnection mechanisms in the field of data center interconnection (e.g. Ethernet over IP, multi-path connections over TCP/IP) and concepts for communication between applications running in the cloud and the underlying network (definition and prototypical realization of an ALTO client for provision and preprocessing of network information to applications running in a cloud). Recently, he started work on optimization of energy consumption in telecommunication networks. Since 1997, Thomas R. Banniza has been involved as task leader in various national and EC projects (ICFAN, KomNet-GigaZugang, SpiderGate, PlaNetS, ScaleNet, CARMEN, 4WARD, FI-WARE, efleets). Currently, he is involved as task leader in the national project green2store.


Selected Articles and Publications

  • Th. R. Banniza, D. Boettle, R. Klotsche, P. Scheefczik, M. Soellner, K. Wuenstel, "A European Approach to a Clean Slate Design for the Future Internet", Bell Labs Technical Journal, Volume 14, No. 2, Summer 2009, Wiley Inter Science
  • presentations and publication contributions in the frame of various European and nationally funded research projects