Picture of Steven Fortune

Steven Fortune

Murray Hill, NJ, USA


Ph.D. Computer Science Cornell University, 1979


I Joined Bell Labs in 1983, was promoted to DMTS in 1998, and was Technical Manager of the Algorithms Research group from 2002 to 2013.

Professional Activities

Associate Editor, SIAM J. Computing
Associate Editor, International Journal of Computational Geometry with Applications.
Past Associate Editor of Transactions on Graphics.
Executive Committee, DIMACS

Selected Articles and Publications

S. Fortune,  An iterated eigenvalue algorithm for approximating the roots of univariate polynomialsJournal of Symbolic Computation, v.33 n.5, p.627-646, 2002.
S. Fortune, Vertex-rounding a three-dimensional polyhedral subdivision, Discrete and Computational Geometry 22, pp. 593-618, 1999.
S. Fortune, D. Gay, B. Kernighan, O. Landron, R. Valenzuela, M. Wright, WISE design of indoor wireless systems: practical computation and optimization , IEEE Computational Science and Engineering, pp. 58--68, Spring 95.