Murray Hill, NJ, USA
President Bell Labs Seoul


  1. University of Victoria, BSc Physics, 1976
  2. University of Victoria, MSc Physics, 1978
  3. University of Alberta, PhD Electrical Engineering, 1983


  1. Bell Northern Research in Canada: gigabit/sec transceivers.
  2. Bell Labs: Erbium doped fiber amplifier and its application in WDM optical transport
  3. Bell Labs: Applications of fiber bragg gratings for 980 pump laser stabilization and wavelength add-drop functions in optical networks
  4. Bell Labs: Novel optically-powered subsystems for optical networks
  5. Bell Labs:  MEMS-based photonic subsystems, including optical cross connect
  6. Bell Labs:  laser+LCoS microprojector
  7. Bell Labs Seoul:  founding president of Bell Labs Seoul, South Korea 

Honors and Awards

2010     Elected to US National Academy of Engineering

2010     John Tyndall Award (Optical Society of America and the IEEE Photonics Society)

2008     Millennium Technology Prize Laureate (Technology Academy Finland)

2004     Fraunhofer Award / Burley Prize (Optical Society of America)

2001     Bell Labs Fellow

2001     Bell Labs President’s Gold Award

2000     Fellow of Optical Society of America

2000     Inventor of Year Award-Communications, Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation 

Selected Articles and Publications

Notable publications:

  1. First technical disclosure of a laser-based microprojector:  R. Ryf,....Randy Giles, “The Alcatel-Lucent Microprojector-What Every Cell Phone Needs,” Bell Labs Technical Journal, pp99-112, November, 2009
  2. Conference paper reporting the culmination of several years of MEMS research leading to a record port count and capacity demonstration of an optical crossconnect: R. Ryf,……,C.R.Giles, “1296-port MEMS Transparent Optical Crossconnect with 2.07 Petabit/s Switch Capacity,” Optical Fiber Conference, Anaheim, postdeadline paper PD28, March 17-22, 2001
  3. Summary of many new applications of fiber bragg gratings, notably a low-loss add/drop multiplexer, first reported by Giles* , that saw widespread commercial use:  C.R. Giles, “Lightwave Applications of Fiber Bragg Gratings,” [invited], J. Lightwave Technology, vol. 15 no. 8, pp1391-1404, Aug. 1997
  4. *(C.R. Giles, V. Mizrahi, “Low-loss Add/drop multiplexers for WDM Lightwave Networks,” 10th Intl. Conf. on Integrated Optics and Optical Fibre Communication, Hong Kong, vol. 3 p66-67, June 29, 1995)
  5. Report of wavelength-stabilized EDFA pump lasers leading to widespread commercial use:  C.R. Giles, T. Erdogan, V. Mizrahi,  “Simultaneous Wavelength-Stabilization of 980-nm Pump Lasers,”  Photonics Technology Lett., vol. 6 no. 8, pp907-909,  Aug. 1994
  6. Record-setting demonstration of the important application of the EDFA as an optical preamplifier in a receiver: R.I. Laming, A.H. Gnauck, C.R. Giles, M.N. Zervas, D.N. Payne, “High Sensitivity Optical Pre-Amplifier at 10Gbit/s Employing a Low Noise Composite EDFA with 46dB Gain,” Optical Amplifiers and Their Applications, Santa Fe, postdeadline paper PD13, June 24-26, 1992
  7. Development of the standard EDFA model: C. Randy Giles, Emmanuel Desurvire, “Modeling Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers,” [invited], J. Lightwave Tech., vol. 9 no. 2, pp271-283, Feb., 1991
  8. First Report of high-speed data signal amplification in an erbium-doped fiber amplifier:  C.R. Giles, E. Desurvire, J.R. Talman, J.R. Simpson, P.C. Becker, “Characterization of High-Speed Signal Amplification at lambda=1.53 um in an Erbium-Doped Single-Mode Fiber,” Conference on Lasers and Electrooptics, Anaheim, postdeadline paper PD9, April 25-29, 1988


Interesting Patents:

1.       Phase locking in a multi-channel quantum communication system, April 2010, US patent 7,706,536  (use of carrier-envelope-offset lasers to generate WDM comb to enable 100-1000x increase in QKD rate).

2.       Speckle reduction in laser-projector images, March 2009 US patent 7,502,160 (mitigation of laser speckle through active speckle mixing).

3.       Direct optical image projectors, October 2008, US patent 7,440,158 (image projector using first-order diffraction)

4.       Optical WDM-TDM network, March 2008 US patent 7,340,172 (Efficient means of packet scheduling and delivery in optical wavelength-multiplexed networks).

5.       Photogenerator for lightwave networks, January 1999 US patent 5,859,719 (optical-powering of remote subsystem for enhanced network functionality).

6.       Micro-optical-electromechanical devices and method therefore, November 1999, US patent 5,995,688 (MEMS devices on silicon optical bench platform).

7.       Erbium doped fiber amplifier, April 1991, US patent 5,005,175 (practical embodiment of the erbium doped fiber amplifier for telecommunications).