Picture of Marcus Weldon

Marcus Weldon

Murray Hill, NJ, USA
Bell Labs President


B.Sc in Chemistry and Computer Science, King's College, London

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Professional Activities

Postdoctoral Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Labs (1995-1997)

Member of Technical Staff, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies (1997-2005)

CTO, Broadband Solutions, Lucent Technologies (2005-2006)

CTO, Access Division, Alcatel-Lucent (2006-2009)

Corporate CTO, Alcatel-Lucent (2009-2016)

Corporate CTO, Nokia (2016-Present)

President of Bell Labs (2013-Present)

Selected Articles and Publications

"Infrared spectroscopic analysis of the Si/SiO2 interface structure of thermally oxidized silicon", Queeney K.T., Weldon M.K., Chang J.P., Chabal Y.J., Gurevich A.B., Sapjeta J., Opila R.L., Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 87, Issue 3, 2000