Picture of Jinfeng Du

Jinfeng Du

Crawford Hill, NJ, USA
Member of Technical Staff


Aug. 2004-Nov. 2012  Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden 
            Ph.D. in Telecommunications, Nov. 2012 
            Tek. Licentiate in Electronics and Computer Systems, Dec. 2008 
            M.Sc in Electrical Engineering, specialized in Wireless Systems, Feb. 2006

Aug. 2011-Dec. 2011   Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
            Visiting PhD student supervised by Prof. Muriel Medard.

Sep. 1999-Jul. 2004    University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), China 
            B.E in Electronic Information Engineering (Outstanding Graduate Award)


Jinfeng received his Bachelor degree from USTC, China, and his Master, Licentiate, and PhD degrees from KTH, Sweden, all in Electrical Engineering. Before joining Bell Labs in Holmdel, NJ, Jinfeng spent two years at MIT as a postdoctoral researcher.

Jinfeng's research interests are in the general area of wireless communications, especially in communication theory, multi-user information theory, cooperative communication, and channel estimation.

Professional Activities

Member of IEEE, ComSoc, IT, SP

Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University, 2017

Vice chair of the Organizing Committee, MIT Wireless Center 5G Day, May 2015

TPC member of IEEE ICC 2015, 2016, 2017
TPC member of ISWCS 2014
Invited lecturer in EU-funded ACROPOLIS winter school, Barcelona, Spain, Feb 2013
Frequent reviewers for IEEE journals and conferences

Selected Articles and Publications

Google Scholar

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  2. Jinfeng Du, Efe Onaran, Dmitry Chizhik, Sivarama Venkatesan, and Reinaldo A. Valenzuela, "Gbps User Rates Using mmWave Relayed Backhaul with High Gain Antennas,"  IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC, Special Issue on Deployment and Performance Challenges for 5G),  vol. 35,  pp. 1363--1372, Jun. 2017. [arXiv:1704.04277][IEEE]
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Selected Conferences

  1. Jinfeng Du, Muriel Médard, and Shlomo Shamai (Shitz), "Cost of local cooperation in hierarchical virtual MIMO transmission schemes," IEEE ITW 2016, Cambridge, UK, Sep. 2016.[pdf][IEEE]
  2. Jinfeng Du, David Adams, and Muriel Médard, “Cross-layer design of network-coded transmission with a delay constraint,” IEEE SPAWC 2015, Stockholm, Sweden Jun. 2015. [pdf][IEEE]
  3. Jinfeng Du, Naomi Sweeting, David Adams, and Muriel Médard, “Network reduction for coded multiple-hop networks,” IEEE ICC 2015, London, UK, Jun. 2015. [pdf][IEEE]
  4. David Adams, Jinfeng Du, Muriel Médard and Christopher Yu, “Delay constrained throughput-reliability tradeoff in network-coded wireless systems,” IEEE GLOBECOM 2014, Austin, TX, Dec. 2014. (finalist for the Best Paper Award) [pdf] [IEEE]
  5. Jawad Manssour, Jinfeng Du and Ming Xiao, “Network-coding-aware link adaptation for wireless broadcast transmission,” IEEE VTS APWCS 2013, Seoul, South Korea, Aug. 2013. [pdf]
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  11. Jinfeng Du and Svante Signell, “Time Frequency Localization of Pulse Shaping Filters in OFDM/OQAM Systems,” ICICS'07, Singapore, Dec. 2007. [pdf] [IEEE]

Thesis and Report (not peer-reviewed)

  1. Jinfeng Du, “Cooperative strategies in multi-terminal wireless relay networks,” Ph.D. Thesis, ISBN 978-91-7501-512-5, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, Nov. 2012. [pdf]
  2. Jinfeng Du, “Pulse Shape Adaptation and Channel Estimation in Generalised Frequency Division Multiplexing Systems,” Licentiate Thesis, ISBN 978-91-7415-187-9, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, Dec. 2008. [pdf]
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