Picture of Geert Vanderhulst

Geert Vanderhulst

Antwerp, Belgium
Senior Researcher


  • MSc Computer Science (High Distinction)
    Hasselt University
  • PhD Computer Science (Ubiquitous Computing)
    Expertise Centre for Digital Media


I am a Senior Researcher at Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs in Antwerp (Belgium)  and obtained a PhD in Computer Science at the Expertise Centre for Digital Media (Hasselt University).

Honors and Awards

Baudouin Elleboudt Award

Professional Activities

Cell towers and WiFi hotspots are designed for efficient wireless data exchange, but they are also widely exploited as positioning aids (what they are not designed for). The ubiquitous presence of wireless network signals has lead to several best-effort initiatives such as war driving and signal fingerprinting for generating location estimates. With the shift to mobile devices, precise indoor and outdoor positioning have become enablers for the next wave of location-based services in fields like public safety, personal navigation and local advertising. We envision an evolution of wireless network nodes into programmable platforms that provide a myriad of services beyond connectivity. Examples include location provisioning, user identification from location trails and geo-fencing.

Selected Articles and Publications

  • Dynamic Barcodes for a Better Ubiquitous Understanding (PERCOM’13 WiP)
  • Public WiFi Hotspots at Your Service (PERCOM’12 WiP)
  • PerCraft: Towards Live Deployment of Pervasive Applications (IE’10)
  • Pervasive Maps: Explore and Interact with Pervasive Environments (PERCOM’10)
  • ReWiRe: Creating Interactive Pervasive Systems that Cope with Changing Environments by Rewiring (IE’08)


  • A Method and Platform for Sending a Message to a Communication Device Associated with a Moving Object (EU)
  • Delivery of Digital Content to Communication Devices in a Geographical Location (EU)
  • Service Registration, Discovery And Access Control Using WiFi Hotspots (EU)
  • Data Exchange using Streamed Barcodes (US)