Picture of Dietrich Karl Zeller

Dietrich Karl Zeller

Stuttgart, Germany
Research Engineer


1978-1985 I studied Physics/Mathematics at University Tübingen.

1985-1987 I worked as an academic high school teacher.

1988-1993 I studied Computer Science at the University Hagen in parallel to my professional work at Alcatel.


1988-1990: Engineer for Technical Training in Training Department.

I designed new kinds of courses and corresponding training materials widely used for training of Alcatel customers needing to test Alcatel 1000 System 12 software.

1990-1992: System Engineer within Alcatel Research Center.

In a security team I was the expert for cryptographic algorithms, security protocols and risk analysis of Digital Signature solutions. Work on Telecom Security resulted in a prototype ISDN terminal for confidential communication.

1992-1996: Consultant expert for Security and Safety Alcatel Transport Automation Systems.

I had to work out concepts to allow to use mobile communications for safety relevant applications (train control). My concepts for GSM based safe communication became the accepted basis for the work conducted in the EUROPEAN project EURORADIO. The projects results are the basis for the solutions adopted in the European Train Control Systems.

1996-1998: Research Engineer in Alcatel-Lucent Research Center

I was involved in EUROPEAN projects COBUCO and RAINBOW. My responsibility was the specification and implementation of SNL protocol for signalling transport in 3G networks. The results have been presented on the Mobile Communication Summit 97.

1998-1999: System Engineer at R&I Alcatel.

I was in charge of the design and implementation of a run time environment  for a UMTS Network Testbed. This was a key enabler for the timely and successfully demonstration in spring 1999.

1999-2000: Research Engineer and supervisor of interns.

Work on UMTS system simulator required for SFRAS (System Feature Requirements And Architecture Specifications) in context of ALCATEL Motorola co-operation for an  UTRAN. A main contribution was the introduction of sectorization in the simulator.

2000-2002: Principal System Engineer Higher Layer Telecom Software at R&I Alcatel;

Work on EVOLIUM Node B V2 higher layer telecom. Results have been key contributions to the functional specification of this software, two interface specifications and the implementation architecture.

2002 - 2005 Alcatel Lead Representative UMTS Standardisation in 3GPP Iub/Iur sub working group of RAN3 and in parallel work on HSDPA, multi-standard radio resource management and architecture evolution concepts.

2005-2007 Alcatel Lead Representative UMTS and LTE Standardisation in 3GPP working group RAN3 and in parallel principal designer of LTE architecture as proposed to and adopted by LTE standardization.

2007-2008. Alcatel-Lucent Lead Representative for MBMS in LTE; team leader of the Mobile TV team at Bell Labs.

The work resulted in key contributions and patents and an overview paper to appear in the IEEE communications magazine.

2008–2009 Research Engineer at Bell Labs for undirected research

I got the responsibility to define and manage the Bell Labs System Optimization Department’s research on energy efficient access. I managed collaborations with T-Mobile and Technical University of Dresden. I took the leading role in the project EARTH acquisition (proposal and negotiations with the EC) and was involved in the GreenTouch definition.

2010 - 2013 Project Coordinator European project coordinated by Bell Labs

I was project coordinator of the award winning 15 Million budget European project EARTH gathering 15 key players in wireless research on energy efficiency. The project was a pioneering flagship project in the area of Green Wireless research and is still the reference in the still growing scientific community devoted to this subject matter.

2013 -          Research Engineer at Bell Labs
Research on on radio and networking architectures for next generation mobile networks for efficient service provisioning for diverse applications beyond high speed internet access or triple play. The applications range from service for criticial infrastructures, Internet of Things, new and emerging Internet services and new network services.

Honors and Awards

As EARTH project coordinator I had the honor to receive on behalf of the EARTH consortium the prestigious Future Internet Award during the closing cermony of Aalborg’s Future Internet Week, on May 7-11 2012. EARTH was the winning project out of 36 applications.

Member of the Alcatel-Lucent Technical Academie
I had the honor  to be nominated beeing member of ALTA for three terms from 2004-2006, 2008-2010 and 2011-2013. 

I had the honor to give the invited key note speech
Green Wireless Access – where we are, where we need to go
in the frame IEEE GreenCom 2012 – 26-28 September 2012

Selected Articles and Publications

Correia, L.M. ; Zeller, D. ; et al; Challenges and enabling technologies for energy aware mobile radio networks ; Communications Magazine, IEEE¸November 2010

Gruber, M. ; Zeller, D.; Multimedia broadcast multicast service: new transmission schemes and related challenges ; Communications Magazine, IEEE ;Volume: 49 , Issue: 12

Deciding standardisation contribution giving the arguments for the adoption of the current flat LTE architecture:
Zeller , D.; RRM for Architecture Option C in the Control Plane and Option A in the User Plane; tdoc R3-051351 RAN3#49 meeting Seoul October 2005; http://www.3gpp.org/ftp/tsg_ran/WG3_Iu/TSGR3_49/docs/R3-051351.zip

Books and Chapters

Dietrich Zeller et. al. , “Sustainable Wireless Broadband Access to the Future Internet – The EARTH Project”, in "The Future Internet - Future Internet Assembly 2013: Validated Results and New Horizons" - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. LNCS 7858 - ISBN 978-3-642-38081-5



52 active patents currently (as of April 2014)