Christoph Haslach

Stuttgart, Germany


  • 1991 Electrical engineering at the University of Ulm and received the Dipl.-Ing. in 1996.
  • 1997 Guest researcher at Korean Advanced Institute of Science (KAIST)
  • 1999 PhD from the University of Essen in the field of forward error correcting codes.


  • 2000-2007: Member of the High Speed Competence Center (HSCC) of Alcatel SEL AG optical networks division (OND). Invention of algorithms and concepts for high-speed asics for fiber optical transmission and key co-inventor of slow polarization scrambling with FEC

  • since 2007: Researcher at Bell Labs in the "Transceiver Research Department"
                       2007-2012: Technical project leader for the Class-O concept
                       since 2012:  Project leader for All-Digital Transiver and Switch Mode Conepts

Honors and Awards

2010: Nominated as member of Alcatel-Lucent Technical Academy (ALTA)

Professional Activities

Project leader for All-Digital Transceiver and Switch Mode Conepts

Selected Articles and Publications

  • C. Haslach, D. Markert, A. Frotzscher, and A. Pascht, “New Efficient Architectures for RF Pulse Width Modulators,” Int. Microw. Symp., Seattle, pp. 2–4, 2013.
  • D. Markert, C. Haslach, G. Fischer, A. Pascht, “Coding efficiency of RF pulse-width-modulation for mobile communications,” in Signals, Systems, and Electronics (ISSSE), 2012 International Symposium on, 2012, pp. 1–5.
  • D. Markert, C. Haslach, and G. Luz, “Wideband measurements and linearization of a simplified architecture for analog RF-PWM,” Microw. …, no. 2, 2013.
  • Schmuck, H.; Bonk, R.; Poehlmann, W.; Haslach, C.; Kuebart, W.; Karnick, D.; Meyer, J.; Fritzsche, D.; Weis, E.; Becker, J.; Freude, W.; Pfeiffer, T., "Demonstration of SOA-assisted open metro-access infrastructure for heterogeneous services," Optical Communication (ECOC 2013), 39th European Conference and Exhibition on , vol., no., pp.1,3, 22-26 Sept. 2013
  • Wedding, B.; Haslach C., "Enhanced PMD mitigation by polarization scrambling and forward error correction"


  • Patent activities since 2010:

  • HASLACH, Christoph; MAIER, Simone   
    Pulse Length Modulator With Error-Pre-Compensation And Duplicated (Redundant) Modulator Structures , 23-AUG-2010, Published Patent application EP2424115,

  • HASLACH, Christoph
    Method and apparatus for controlling the decision point of a receiver for digitalcommunication signals,
    Issued Patent US7697635,


  • YU, Xin; BOHN, Thomas; LUZ, Gerhard; HASLACH, Christoph                    
    Envelope Tracking Transmitter Architectures for coverage of Fragmented Frequency Bands  
    Patent application under examination EP2442440 

  • MAIER, Simone; HASLACH, Christoph; TEMPL, Wolfgang; KUEBART, Wolfgang Bi-directional fiber-fed wireless system with digital optical signals                         
    Active patent EP2403166

  •  HASLACH, Christoph                                                   
    Class-S Combination Techniques            
    Patent application under examination EP2506426 

  • HASLACH, Christoph; FROTZSCHER, Andreas; MARKERT, Daniel; MAIER, Simone; KUEBART, Wolfgang
    Class-O Uplink With Delta-Sigma-Modulator/Pulse-Width-Modulator
    Patent application under examination EP2538585

  • FROTZSCHER, Andreas; HASLACH, Christoph; MARKERT, Daniel              
    A method for signal modulation using pulse width modulators               
    Published Patent application EP2608403

  •  HASLACH, Christoph; FROTZSCHER, Andreas; MARKERT, Daniel; YU, Xin
    A method for pulse width modulation of a signal           
    Patent application under examination EP2670101 

  • YU, Xin; MAIER, Simone; MARKERT, Daniel; HASLACH, Christoph
    A method for pulse width modulation of a radio frequency signal, and a signal processing unit therefor     
    Published Patent application EP2838202

  • MARKERT, Daniel; HASLACH, Christoph
    Radio Device                                   
    Patent application under examination, No 13290204.0

  • HASLACH, Christoph; MARKERT, Daniel; FROTZSCHER, Andreas; YU, Xin             
    A method for pulse width modulation, and a transmitter therefor        
    Active patent EP2575309
    issued 05-NOV-2014

  • WIEGNER, Dirk; PASCHT, Andreas; HASLACH, Christoph                             
    Optically controlled Power Mixer based Class-S Concept            
    Active patent EP2424326
    issued 24-APR-2013
  • HASLACH, Christoph; MAIER, Simone   
    Pulse Length Modulator With Error-Pre-Compensation And Duplicated (Redundant) Modulator Structures 
    Active patent EP2424116
    issued 17-APR-2013

  •  FROTZSCHER, Andreas; MARKERT, Daniel; HASLACH, Christoph
    A method for pulse width modulation of signals, and a transmitter therefor    
    Active patent EP2608410            
    issued 06-AUG-2014

  •  YU, Xin; HASLACH, Christoph    
    Parallelization Of Scalable Delta Sigma Modulator With Reset Function               
    Filed Patent application, No 14306827.8

  • MARKERT, Daniel; HASLACH, Christoph; DARTOIS, Luc; WANTIEZ, Eric
    Apparatuses, Methods and Computer Programs to Provide Information related to a Pulse Width Modulated Signal and to Determine a Look-up Table
    Filed Patent application, 14306277.6
    Dec. 2014