Benoit Christophe

Paris-Saclay, France


PhD in Computer Science
MSc. in Computer Science
Bsc. in Math


Benoit is a researcher of Bell Labs Research at Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France. 
His current research interests are on the Semantic Web and its applications in Alcatel-Lucent research projects. 
Additionally, Benoit is regularly involved in European projects requiring a good expertise on Semantic Web technologies.
Benoit co-authored around 15 patents and have published a dozen of papers in various international conferences.

Knowledge Base, ontology and rules
Semantic engines (Pellet, HermiT)
Semantic APIs (The OWL API, Jena)
Query languages (SQL, SPARQL)
Some logics (propositional, predicates, temporal)
Graph theory
Machine learning (Bayes, Topic modeling)
A couple of description "languages": WSDL, WS-BPEL, SA-WSDL, OWL, OWL-S, WSMO
Some mobile platforms: Android, J2ME & .NET CF

Benoit is also quite experienced to program with Java, Python and in some other languages

Honors and Awards

Best Paper Award - ACM Web of Things 2011
Alcatel-Lucent Technical Academy 2011 - 2013

Professional Activities


Selected Articles and Publications

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